In Search of True Christian Community

I am in search of the Church. Not as we know it, but as it was meant to be. For the past twenty plus years, I’ve been involved with many gatherings of people each named church, but for some time have felt an increasing dissatisfaction with what exists of church life.

I am wanting a place where I can be, and let my doing truly flow out of my being. I am wanting a place of free exchange of ideas, and where people dare to think outside the box. I am wanting a place where I have deep spiritual friendships, where we speak into each other’s lives, but do so in love and humility of spirit, each realizing the other is also responsible before God to follow Him in good conscience.

I haven’t found this place. But I’m finding glimmers of it. I’m still searching.

2 responses to “In Search of True Christian Community

  1. I feel your since of longing for a true church, since my trip to China I also see the world thru different eyes. I must admit my since of religious obligation has begun to fail me. I wish we could really reveal who we are to each other without the judgmental attitudes that usually accompany the baring of our souls. Each Sunday seems as though we go to a building to here a sermon to encourage us to be better people and yet if we were to tell anyone our true struggles we would be shunned.
    Signed Still looking too

  2. Hey Bro,
    My exposure to what’s happening in China also was a big catalyst for me. I do see signs of life though. One is the organic church/simple church movement. Though I will say that I sense that movement is at a crossroads… will it turn into the latest “fad”, have marketers start doing “simple church consulting”? God, please, please, please I hope not. Or will it remain a grassroots movement where people start to get healed and discover relationships where they can really be real? God, PLEASE guide us down this path! (Yes, I am interspersing prayers in this comment)…

    On the other hand, one of my previous big concerns with the movement I am beginning to see addressed, which is realizing that they can not focus only on what they are AGAINST, but need to know what they are FOR. This trend is heartening.

    Anyway, all I can say is keep seeking… (and seeking and seeking, until you find)

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