Meditation: Being an Anomaly

In a recent email exchange, a friend made the comment that he viewed himself as sort of an anomaly, to which I responded “you are an anomaly!” (I didn’t put an exclamation point on it in the email, but I did in my mind.  It was such a perfect word.)

But since my response was meant to be an encouragement, I thought I’d best look up the word in the dictionary before hitting “send”.   Though my first reaction to the word was positive, when I worked in systems design an anomaly was never a good thing.  It was always the thing that happened that you weren’t expecting, and since you wanted computer programs to function as expected, you were definitely not happy when an “anomaly” popped up.  But people are not computer programs (thank God!), and I for one find those who don’t function as expected quite refreshing.  So, fortunately I have a dictionary on my Apple Powerbook that pops up with the flick of the mouse.

Anomaly: Something that deviates from what is standard, normal or expected.

When I read that definition, I almost also wrote in my reply: “I hope I’m an anomaly too!”  And then I got to thinking: Wow, wasn’t Jesus an anomaly?  He really absolutely never functioned as he was “supposed” to.  He always slipped out of the verbal snares others tried to lay for him, because he didn’t answer as expected (I won’t list examples since they can be found in almost every interchange he had in the Gospels).  And in fact, he upset the religious establishment because he didn’t act as expected either (hanging out with all those “sinners”!  What was he thinking????)   And hey, I think he called us who follow him to be like Him, and therefore to be anomalies in the world as well! Which makes me think, wouldn’t it be wonderful if we all viewed ourselves as anomalies?  I think we just might turn the world upside down.

“And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect.” – Romans 12:2

4 responses to “Meditation: Being an Anomaly

  1. Thanks for your blog! I found you searching “The Alternative Church” because I feel led to start a 2nd service in the traditional church I pastor and I’m thinking of calling it “The Alternative.” It’s going to take a lot of faith & prayer, but we have both (I think ; ). Anyway, I found lots of food for thought here and encouraging things including the Validation video. I plan to show that one at prayer meeting tonight. I don’t have to say God bless you because He obviously already is. : )

  2. Thanks for the feedback! Hope I’ll “see” you again. If you really are looking for something “alternative” you might want to check out some of the other links on my blogroll as well. Not an exhaustive list by any means as I don’t update it frequently, but you might find some interesting stuff there.

  3. A New Creation in Christ — is exactly that, something brand new existing outside yet on the inside. As Jesus says, “You are no part of this world.”

    One thing I enjoy about Jesus as he challenges the standard order of thing and makes us question what we know we know, you know? Per your example, he challenged the religious order to question did they really have right standards, were the righteous really righteous and were the sinners really sinners? Were the first, first and the last, last? Were the poor, poor and rich, rich? He turned the world upside down … defying even the physical laws … defying even the law of death.

    • Anthony, yeah that’s exactly it! I thought of that same quote from Jesus when I was writing this post, but for whatever reason decided to not include it. Thanks for stopping by.

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