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Lapsed Blogger… or Why I Write

So, I apologize for anyone who has commented and didn’t get approved until now (just approved a comment from May :z), unless you were obviously trying to sell me something. In which case your comments have been deleted FOREVER…. BWAH-HA-HAH!

I had one particular spammer who said something to the effect of: “You have a fantastic blog. I see you haven’t written lately. Still writing manually? That takes too much time. Buy my product at this link.” To which I say “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!”

For my kind of writing, you ALWAYS write manually. That’s part of the process. Writing and pondering, writing actual thoughts, not “pop thoughts.” The clicking of the keys is part of the ritual (just in case the guy was referring to some sort of voice recognition software, I didn’t bother to look).

Another was telling me I could go viral! All I needed were the special tips. The thing is “going viral!” has never been my goal in blogging. I started blogging long before “going viral!” was even a thing.

Why do I blog? I blog to speak, and I speak when the seed has come forth and born fruit and the fruit is ripe. This makes me happy, even when I have to write about hard things, like loving my enemies. I’m still learning. Had a major test of that practice recently, and still trying to figure out what loving my enemies means. How does one see the humanity in a really horrible person?