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New Social Networking Site Focused on Simple church

Recently I’ve run across the site SimpleChurch.com.  It’s what I call a community blog — a social networking site that has blogging capabilities.  Check it out.  If you do sign up be sure to stop by and leave a comment at My Profile there.

Online Prayer Community for China

With the Opening Night of the Olympic Games coming up this Friday, we’ll all probably be thinking about China much more. What a great opportunity to pray for China!

There is a relatively new blog Serving China Prayer Blog (also see my blogroll), which is designed as an online community where those praying for China can come together online to pray and reflect together. Anyone can register and post as long as they follow some pretty simple guidelines (posted on the site).

The accompanying website ServingChina.com is also worth checking out — lots of interesting information about China, and especially Christianity in China.